interviews and go-sees

A "go-see" is simply an appointment arranged by the model or actor or by their agency - and an opportunity to be seen by potential clients such as magazine editors, photographers, art directors, casting directors, etc.

Real models go on "go-sees," often several a day

It is very unlikely you will ever get booked for anything of any importance without first being seen in person.

Why? Any talent buyer that hires someone for an assignment without first seeing if they show up for an interview or not will experience somewhere around a 40 to 50% "no show" rate - and no one is going to take a chance on booking someone they have not seen in person at least once.

Real agencies provide real models with forms outlining the name of the firm, person to see, time of appointment and type of assignment and a working model or actor/actress may spend an entire day going from one go-see to another.

Never forget (!) the first person you speak to on the phone can be the key to your success.

If you (or a parent) sound uncooperative or difficult on the phone - it is very unlikely you will be given the opportunity to be interview and it's a safe bet this information will be passed up the line. (If you are with a real agency and this happens, don't be surprised if you get dropped.)

Be organized. If you find out about a casting on your own, provide this same information for yourself. When you have these items written down neatly on a sheet of paper, you'll feel like a professional right from the start.

interview tips

1.) Be on time. Nothing says, "I don't care about this job." like showing up late. (Being too early is not good either. Five minutes early is considered 'on time'.)

2.) Call if you must be late for any reason.

3.) Write down a phone number, the correct address, directions, and parking specifics as well as building or studio access instructions, exact name of the meeting room, etc. and be sure to bring them with you.

4.) Wear clean conservative clothing - not too dressy and not too casual.

5.) Go easy on the make-up.

6.) Well manicured nails (clear nail polish or french manicure) make a good impression.

7.) Bring a pen and note pad and take notes.

8.) Be patient. Be prepared to wait a few minutes or longer.

9.) If you have another go-see or booking later the same day, politely mention it so you can get in and out sooner.

10.) When you sit down for the interview, do not immediately hand over a portfolio or pictures unless asked. Let the interviewer take the lead.

11.) If the interviewer leaves the room, do not stand impatiently or wander around.

12.) Your interview begins the moment you enter the building.

13.) Never criticize or attempt to direct other actors or models, even if his/her performance is awful.

14.) Make sure you know about dress requirements for the audition.

15.) Almost all interviewers have had the experience of meeting a prospective model/actor where a friend or parent does all the talking - and at the end of the interview the interviewer will be thinking, "Gee, I feel like I know the friend/parent really well, but I have no idea what the model/actor is like."

Unless you are very young, say 15 or 16 or younger - try to avoid giving the impression that you lack independence by having family members or friends sit in and/or "take over" the interview for you.

An interview can last three minutes or thirty minutes.... You should not take how long the interview lasts or the interviewer's comments personally.

When you feel the interview has come to an end, smile, say "thank you" and leave the room. If the interviewer asks for a picture or a composite, leave one. (A laser copy is fine.)


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