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I'm not online all that much. I've been doing this modeling thing in real life... and I've come across something I think is really important to those truly interested in modeling. I was in a casting today with eight other models. It was a bit awkward, as many castings can be, until everyone chills and becomes real again. (Sometimes that never happens, and you stare at the floor until you go see the person running the casting.)

I ended up talking to four of the girls there, all with big agencies. We began chatting and looking at each others books... The quality of images that are in a model's portfolio (REAL WORKING MODELS) are really high. The IMPACT of these images is what gets models booked. A model that only looks good 'in person' will only get so far.

I'm being sent out on castings on a fairly regular basis. I have a card. I have a decent book. But that is just the beginning.... Modeling is a business. A job. Like anything else, it has it's own unique set of rules you must adhere to if you want to be a success. If you have the look.... then you need to present yourself properly. The books I saw today contained SERIOUSLY excellent photography.

There are only a relatively small handful of photographers out there that can do this. Less than one percent of the photographers you will ever meet could even come close to being able to deliver the caliber of images that you need to GET BOOKED at a casting.

How you look in person is important too but often, all someone sees is a bunch of cards. You can be the world's best model in person, but if you don't have phenomenal pics, there are ten other girls that may all meet the general requirements for the casting.

I know it's been a long post and somewhat rambling. I just wanted to tell you how important good images are to a model. And... you get what you pay for. Very rarely is excellent photography free. VERY rarely. When it is excellent, and when it is inexpensive, make sure you appreciate it. A LOT.

*ahem. I'm done. Any other working models, feel free to comment on your experiences . Or anyone who would like to comment. Thanks for reading this post. Really. LRE

Your book is EVERYTHING. Castings are full of beautiful/unique models... What sets you apart? IT'S YOUR BOOK. And let's not forget the importance of tear sheets. I have roomed with models that have had books made up almost entirely of tears. Absolutely awesome stuff. and beware of those places that charge you $1200 for pics and then give some beginner $50 to take them! Everyone starts somewhere. That "somewhere" is your book with some outstanding images. LRE SPEAKS THE TRUTH!

This has to be one of the best posts I have ever seen! A lot of people think that models are made overnight... did you guys know that Giselle had been modeling since she was 14... and she just recently made it big? Don't think that someone is going to see you on the street and tomorrow you will be Vogue's top model.

Modeling is so competitive... I wish some of the people here just starting out could go to a fashion show behind the scenes... talk to an agent in Paris and let that agent critique your book.... My portfolio is good.. but not like some of the girls' I've seen.

I don't think a lot of the people here realize how hard it is. IT IS NOT EASY... and a whole lot of determination is needed. PATIENCE is key... good pictures are the most important! No matter what anyone says... photo day pics will only get you laughed at, AMAZING ones will get you work!

I wish everyone on here luck... I know that there are some that have what it takes. That's my share in the post... Anna xoxo

Yeah!! great posts! Sometimes beginner models get so excited about just getting their pictures taken they choose not so good ones. he he I used to do that... before I knew. So this is a really good post for new models just building their books to read! xoxoxo Sarah

Everyone should read this! This is so true. My daughter is in Miami going on castings everyday and all the girls have mad portfolios and tears. She has done 4 or 5 shoots just to try and improve her book. Her booker says you can be stunning in person, but the girl with the best book will get the booking. It is hard to break in. People post bad pics, then ask "can I make it" and when you try to be honest they get mad. If they only knew.... great post LRE Sheri

I so totally agree with what LRE has said here. As a talent BUYER, part of the thing for me when I see great shots in a book, is it gives me the confidence that the model will be able to work well in front of the camera and I can pass this confidence on to my client. The other thing is that I think it takes quite a bit of time and dedication (and sometimes a bit of luck) for a model to build up a good book. It won't happen over night. You just gotta keep getting in front of the camera whenever you can. LRE you are proving this Good post rf

Oh yeah, your book is what gets you in... I got kicked in the head in London a few months back... "too commerical"... "not unique enough".. "too sexy" ... "too innocent".... If that casting person sees the wrong angle, wrong lighting, or one hair out of place in one of your photos, you're out the door.

'Less is more.' a few really great shots is better than 100 mediocre shots. Geez, it's so easy to lose your self confidence in this business. It takes a real 'go getter' to pick themselves up and keep going... you know, take all of the criticism in stride. Those are the Giselles, Cindys, Claudias, and Carmens out there. On a positive note, I just shot some great stuff on the subway last week...!. - Amber

Great topic! My daughter is lucky she has a very good booker. She is 16 and is in the development stage. She did get a taste of things when we were in New York going to go-sees and castings. But her book wasn't strong enough. It is a long process and patience is everything. It does take time to develop a great book. Her agency is taking things slow so she does not burn out, which is wonderful because she is still in school. It does take a lot of dedication to continue. But that is her choice to make. In the meantime you still have to take care of yourself... facials, regular exercise, healthy diet and a healthy mind. It's a job before the job and there are no guarantees. Dar

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